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Hello! I am a student for English Career Department(英語キャリア科), I’m from Russia!


I think there are many foreigner students who come to Japan to work. But before that you probably want to get Japanese degree for some personal reasons:


  1. If you don’t have a degree, but you need it to get working visa


  1. If you want to change careers, so you want to get the skills to work in a new field


  1. you may want to get a Japanese degree to improve your chances of finding a job in Japan


  1. If you don’t feel that your language level is good enough to do your job well and you need time to get your Japanese language skills up to a proper level


and so on



Whatever it is, I will tell you why I chose Technos and have not regretted my choice:


  1. Before entering Tokyo Kogakuin Technos college, I was studying at Tokyo Kogakuin Japanese Language School. And I would recommend you to do same in case you decide to study at Technos so you could get a really good discount, about 100.000¥


  1. I came to Japan when I was 19, graduated the language school when I was almost 21. So I didn’t want to spend 4 more years just studying and not making money. That’s why studying just for 2 years in Technos college was really pleasant for me.


  1. After graduating language school, I still didn’t feel confident in my Japanese level, I preferred to study in English. And the courses of English career department allowed me to study 50/50% in English and Japanese. So it makes my study effective in both ways: I can understand material properly studying in English and I can improve my Japanese by taking classes in Japanese.


  1. Good school funding. In my opinion, the environment in which you study is very important. So I admire how modern and comfortable many of the classrooms, canteen, and library are. And Technos keep developing in this direction.


  1. Students have an active life on campus. There are clubs to join, and in July we have a joint trip to Nagano to go to an onsen.


  1. All teachers are very helpful and kind. And they are from all over the World: Japanese, Americans, Canadians, British and more.


  1. The school offers many options for internships even during your months of studying. That’s how I got my first internship in a hotel after studying in the college just for 3 months.


Some of my other foreigner friends study in different colleges, that’s why comparing our experiences, I can definitely say that Technos College is a good place for students from all over the World!


Thank you!!:)